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I focus on the social disparity in the slight nuances of everyday situations that contribute to the bigger problem.”

Primarily painting in oils, whilst exploring and mixing different media. The paintings are centred around the pragmatic relationships encountered by the millennial generation in a narrative frame. The cake is a lie…

Artist, Designer, Maker; Penny School Gallery; Kingston upon Thames, UK; 22nd of May 2023

What do You want to talk about?

In my latest series, exhibited in May of 2023, I took an introspective approach towards my own bar life benders. Rather than just observing and exhibiting that world I also exposed my personal experiences through it. The thoughts running in my head that no one else could hear, the ones I can see so clearly at the bottom of my glass.

These two topics are quite sensitive and deal with the ubiquitous themes of life and death. The moments of primal reality where neurosis takes place to make logical sense of one’s own existance. These are the motifs behind the paintings. Being a part of a scene so few in our world of today have experienced. To watch life flee and death quickly follow before your own eyes in these unprecedented situations. 

Bar life does not usually favour such heavy topics and should be approached with caution. The first suggestion is Abortion. In the last few years after covid, there has been a notible change in societal values in regards to life. This discussion is had by most, without the feeling of having to go through the experience themselves. What it is like to cut a part of yourself and how the glass seems never to be half full again. In fact, for a while it’s completely empty.
The second painting depicts the death of a young man. The circumstances in which his life was lost and the lack of equality within the emergency services and their unconscious bias around certain individuals of diverse background. A real account on how systematic racism aided in his death. Thursday night at the Albion a man stumbled in. An ambulance was called. The distance from the hospital to the Albion is a 10 minute drive tops in any verherical. It took double the amount of time, to which, by then, he was claimed dead on site. Curious how we treat someone based on unsubstatiated factors. Witnessing a death first hand, without warning. Life in existance, still torn away despite the highly pristined values of choice upheld by the same society.

Ultimately, how can someone judge what life is worthy and which is not, solely based around socioeconomic factors.

Art, Penny School Gallery; Kingston upon Thames, UK; 22nd of May 2022

Womens Position; Kingston upon Thames, UK; May 2021

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            Inspiration:Wang Haiyung 'Forbidden Love'

‘Grow a Pear’ series

Inspired by the expression grow a pair. The conception came from imagining telling a man to “grow a pair”. In turn, he tried to grow pears from his nipples. Turning the expression to “Grow a Pear”.